The architect behind many of Grant Cardone Enterprises’ ventures, Elena is an experienced business woman, entrepreneur and investor with her and Grant’s influence felt with Cardone Capital which is closing in on 5,000 units under management with a real estate portfolio valued at $1 billion.

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Show Notes

Be a woman in power with Elena Cardone Grant Cardone Empire AUTHOR | PUBLIC SPEAKER

In this episode, we’ll be empowered through the words of wisdom of our special guest. She is the Queen of her Empire, she has designed, constructed and protected a life outside of the ordinary. She has inspired a legion of followers to create their own empires – lives that are truly fulfilling and beyond the average. She counts her current job as her most important one – Chief Family Officer, where she is a loving mother, fierce wife and loyal friend.

Overcoming roadblocks

Elena’s life is quite challenging because she experienced a lot of struggles at a young age. She witnessed a fire across their house and killed two people despite their efforts to put out the fire.

(4:47)“At 14 years old not having anything so traumatic occur in my life I just wasn’t skilled enough at my age to deal with something like that and my father had fought in World War II and he was a military person and we’re just very conservative family. So it wasn’t like there was any time to really to cope it was life must go on.”

Despite all this roadblock she pushed her way to move and step forward which led her to become the independent woman that she is now.

Passion and desire

(5:55) “So at 17 I decided I’ve got to get out of here I’m going to Los Angeles I’m gonna be something I’m gonna become an actress.”

Indeed, because of her passion and desire she got her 2 and half month contract in Tokyo as a model and actress and became somewhat successful. She did  modeling, acting and commercials as well.

 Independent woman  

 (6:21)When I met Grant the first five years of our marriage I was still doing this woman independent thing like we were married and I thought marriage is monogamy. I thought it was only about that. I didn’t realize that if I’ll partner up with someone it strengthens the numbers.”                                                  

(7:23) “When economic collapse occurred that’s when I decided to trade in my acting career which I was terrified to do because it was what I depended on for my survival since I moved to Los Angeles by myself at 17.”

Getting used to being independent as a teenager it was a challenge for Elena to see how a husband can contribute to her success as a woman.

“We had a power struggle because I am super independent and I don’t want anyone to control me”

Financial Freedom

(8:29) “ We wanted to take that power in our own hands, so I have this idea about this empire, okay if he is the king and I am the queen and this is our empire what do I want it to look like? Who do I want to surround ourselves with? Do we hang out with the people with drugs and alcohol?”

So, Elena and her husband cleaned up their lives because it’s part of being a positive influence. They focused on building their empire, foregoing all luxuries they enjoyed before to pool all their resources towards their business, until they become successful and gained financial freedom.
(9:18) “Now that we have created so much success in our lives financially we do have financial freedom not just financial independence.”

 Tips on How to work with a partner
(9:46)“A few little adjustments to get you both operating on the same page so that you can really utilize each other’s horsepower to push yourself instead of without even realizing it working against each other or you might go like this or you must like go straight down. But if you actually know how to work together and know each other’s roles, strengths and weaknesses and how you can build together, like push yourself on. Just eliminate the few incorrect pieces of datum because as they say “knowledge is power”.

(10:22)“If you get rid of bad key elements and then tweak and get on the same page it so much easier than you think. There’s still gonna be  work, there’s still gonna be sacrifice, it’s still gonna take time but you will be able to exponentially up the rocket faster”

Solving Problem

(11:02)“Stop thinking so much unless it’s a broad picture of possibility.”
 Start looking for the possibilities, start looking for the opportunities sometimes your biggest problem can be your biggest solution. If you are having that problem you figure out how to solve it, chances are if you solve that for other people you can scale that business out.

(11:45)“If you need to have help, if you need to, hire somebody while you figure this out don’t feel like you are a superhero and do everything yourself at some point maybe ask your friend to help you until you can afford to pay someone to help you but you just have to go out and do something.  Take action, stop thinking and do and you can do even if your knees are trembling, even if you think it’s not going to work and you feel ridiculous.”

Equipping women’s confidence
Women's are powerful. As Elena stated: 

26:27 I wanna equip women with the confidence. 

(26:36) I want women to mind their own goals who are they, not only a brand but as their contribution and not with hold that from the world like if we all lived up to our potential or try to fight for the greatness how could that impact the world. We could make a big difference wouldn’t  just be a fairytale idea in my head like there would be real transformation. If people actually deliver their gifts and I want women to expose that and give it to the world and stop with holding and stop thinking their not good enough. And stop thinking they have nothing to contribute. It’s so selfish women are so powerful, and so dynamic and there so aesthetic just imaging if the world operated that aesthetic wavelength you know how difference just that could be.  

 Key Takeaways:

  1. Sharing control does not diminish your worth.

  2. Sacrifices are important to pursue life’s priorities.

  3. If you have to, ask for help until you can stand back on your own feet.

  4. A mindset shift is important to achieve success.

  5. It’s never too late to learn something new.

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