FWEP0008 Be the best version of yourself Freda is a Content Creator - Radio, TV, Books, Video, Podcasts, Speaker/Marketing In Asia’s Top 100 Inspirational LinkedIn Icons. Working with BFM89.9, Malaysia's leading business station, Freda has conducted over 5,000 interviews with prominent names which include author Stephen Covey, motivational speaker Nick Vijucic, former GE CEO Jack Welch, the Duke of York HRH Prince Andrew and Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. Covering the gamut of communications, she previously worked for Edelman PR and IBM Asia Pacific and also as a news presenter on national radio & TV. Award-winning Freda is highly sought after for moderating corporate events and training. She has authored five books called "PR Yourself" and “Shake & Spear Your Business: The Romeo & Juliet Way,” and "Everybody Loves Ray" (biography). Her latest book is called “Bursting Fixed Mindsets- How 15 Women Broke the Million Ringgit Mark” as she's passionate to take women entrepreneurship to the next level. She also hosts a show called Her Vantage which talks about women of leadership and influence to showcase women representation in all strata of society from sports, the arts & sciences to entrepreneurship. Free Resource: "Soul Why: Soul Rich Woman Blueprint" and "How to Delegate 80% of your to-do list" ---> https://be.soulrichwoman.com

Show Notes

FWEP0008 Be the best version of yourself with Freda Liu 

In this episode, Be the best version of yourself we are very honored to have our very special guest Freda Liu. She is an author, Trainer, Moderator, Emcee Producer & Presenter of BFM89.9, Malaysia’s leading business station.   Being a Woman of influence  “Be a better person, not a bitter person” A statement from Freda. Being an influence is quite hard especially if there’s a lot of people who looked up to you. You need to do your best not to disappoint them. But we can’t please everyone in the same way. Being a better version person is not that easy especially if there’s a lot of people who will grab us down and those are the bitter person.
(3:51) “I think it was something a down period in my life and I remember that during that down period I just said, God. I know I want to come out a better person, not a bitter person”. How can we really be a better person physically, spiritually and how can we be a better person of ourselves? No matter what happens just do your best to be a good influence.  

Position of influence  The position is good but how do we use our position? Is it for fame or for authority? We can’t ask people to follow us anytime because we have a position. 
(5:08)“What do you do when you are given a position of influence?  Do you then use your position of influence for good? Or hide under a shell? (5:22)I've been placed in this position to let me see how else I can be of a positive influence on others. I have been given this opportunity I haven't just sort of arrived here. I have done the work. We shouldn't shy away from our contributions. We all have something to give to other people. And we all have something to learn from other people as well.”  

Fixing your goal  Every person has a goal and this goal will serve us our direction. If you are a person without a goal you’re just like birds flying without direction.  “The reason why you need to have goals in all the different areas is, imagine if you don't have goals for family and you're very successful in your career. And then after you look back, where's my family? Cause you never spent time setting any goals in your family area.  So all these little things will make your life a little bit more complete. If you have a goal make it a measurable goal.”  

Challenges/Obstacles/DifficultiesDifficulties and challenges are everywhere. Sometimes the challenge that we encounter is self vs. self-wherein we fight with our mind.
(5:56) “One person suffers from is imposter syndrome we always feel like we’re not good enough. Of course, there’s a lot of difficulties but the question is how then can we improve? We shouldn’t hold ourselves back.” 

Freda asks herself:
 (6:33)“Am I really that good? Can I share everything?” But Freda is very brave and she used her experienced to proceed and continue to the next level and knowing that she leans on God every now and then.  Freda is very dependent on God when it comes to her decision, she knew that God knows what the best is for us. And that God allowed you, us to experience challenges but remember that God placed here for a reason. 

Secret sauce As we live this life how can we be a better version of ourselves? Here’s a secret that Freda shared;
(9:24)“Better and not bitter. How can I improve myself spiritually, how can I improve ourselves financially, how can I improve myself mentally.”  

What’s your priority? We have a lot of tasks, works that need to be done right away. But the question is what is your priority and how do you prioritize your priorities? (11:06)“Take more your priorities, when my son younger my priority was my family I was working at home very happy staying at home but the priorities change. I did have goals in different areas. But the focus was the more important goals.” Freda managed her time by prioritizing her priorities. And that’s very important one way maximize our time is to set our goals. 

Key takeaways:
Be a better person, not a bitter person
2. Use your position to influence others 
3. Set your goals
4. Prioritize your priorities
5.  Always think for a means of how can you improve yourself. 

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