EP 61: Charlotte Mizuki You Are That Girl Who's Ready to Speak Up for what you Believe And To Play Big because the world has enough women who are playing small afraid to rock the boat, to speak up, to shine. Free Resource: "Soul Why: Soul Rich Woman Blueprint" and "How to Delegate 80% of your to-do list" ---> https://be.soulrichwoman.com

Show Notes

EP 61: Charlotte Mizuki You Are That Girl Who's Ready to Speak Up for what you Believe And To Play Big because the world has enough women who are playing small afraid to rock the boat, to speak up, to shine.

 Meet Charlotte Mizuki, Founder of LifeSparks and Creator of TEMPOfiit. She is also a partner & affiliate of Soul Rich Woman. She was a senior management accountant in the shipping industry for the past 12 years before she decided to pursue her passion full-time in 2018. She shared on stage at the recent Rich Woman Masterclass 2019 by Success Resources her untold story:​​

"I was at the highest peak of my life in the year 2012 when I lost everything overnight, my 10 yrs marriage, my savings, promising accounting career & I was heavily in debts.​ To salvage the marriage, I actually went on a 20 kg weight loss journey, still, he left me for another woman because I couldn't bear him a baby! I was devastated...​

Picking myself up, I decided to take charge of my own life, Which inspired me to become a fitness coach and set up LifeSparks in the year 2012 helping more women looking for a better version of themselves through fitness, wellness & health, not for anyone else but HERSELF!​"

  To empower more girls to step up, Charlotte also started her own podcast in 2019 - You are that Girl! In her podcast, she shared how she went from a 9-5 employee to a 6-figure business owner having 11 multiple sources of income and how you can kick the frustration, struggle and limiting belief and truly believe you deserve and can design a life you love!

She believes this show is for you - You are that girl who needs to get moving, keep dreaming, and rebuild confidence.

 It’s Good To Be Different(3:36-3:55)What I see in the industry right now they are all focusing on just teaching. They are not breaking through what else they can do to be able to expand their capability, their skill. To explore the possibility of online. 
(4:41- 4:49) “I want to be different and I see that, if I continue to do what everybody else is doing then I’ll be of no different to them. 
Gain Some Knowledge(5:06- 5:20)Why are they willing to pay higher value? To engage you to become their coach  I see that in order to do that I need to learn from someone else, I need to learn from causes, that are not in the fitness industry.
(5:25-5:36) It is not just getting certification after  certification in the same industry, it’s about going out there and learned about how exactly you’re going to get your bread out there, how exactly you going to get your business out there and expand it out in a possible way”
Experience is the Key to TransformI used to be a management accountant for 20 years, helping the CEO, CFO. To analyze the customer’s data. I’m able to tell them the reason why the customers are not buying from us and who are our top customers that we would really focus on and add value to them. 
(7:11-7:20) “This is the key reason why it sets me thinking, I need to have a backup plan, I need to start doing it now, that I know this is going to come.”
Focus On Your Big GoalWhen I went through I felt rather miserable because as a coach, you will have your peers. You have a fellow coach who is mongering around you.
(9:42-9:54) “ I started to think big, I want to be different..but because we need to focus on the big goal. I want to do something for myself, I want to do something for my business and I want to fulfill a dream.”
(12:10-12:16) “Maybe I choose to be successful, that's why I have lost all the friendship, I have lost all the followers.” 
(13:28-13:39) “ I think we all need to come up with a firm decision, what is it that we stand for and how much effort that I want to make my dream come true” 
Don’t Listen to Noises
 (15:06-15:10) “Ignore the noises that are around you. It could be your closest family.” 
The older people will not understand why we would take so much to give up our well-paid job to go and chase our dream. 
(15:29-15:34) “It’s never just a dream, it’s something that I knew that deep down in my heart that this is something for me.”
Fill What to FulfillIf you are hungry for money and thinking by doing the 9-5 work by teaching every single class, you might be wrong there is something more for you.
(16:53-16:58) “Invest in yourself, upgrade in things that you have never attempt to upgrade”
Know Exactly Who You Are(17:44-17:47) “Think about who you are, what are you known for?”
Years ago I was confused. I do not know who I am. Am I just an Instructor? Am I just a 9-5 worker, Am I just a Business owner? 
Find a mentor, find someone that can show you how to do it, and how to get there fast.
Think about going online
Key Takeaways:1. Do not be afraid to make changes.2. Use Your Experience.3. Keep Dreaming.4. Focus on what you have started.5. Invest in yourself.

Key Resources:Check out Charlotte’s website: https://www.charlottemizuki.com/about-charlotte-mizukiVisit Charlotte's Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CharlotteMizuki/Check out Charlotte’s Instagram: (charlottemizuki)Connect to Charlotte’s Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/charlottemizuki/