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Show Notes

FWEP00057 Genecia Alluora
Hence, we are live. Genecia, welcome! So my name is Alexandra and today you are my guest for I Am Magazine and I’m very thrilled and grateful to have you here with me and to be able to interview you for our next issue, that is the business issue coming out in March. Welcome Genecia.
Recognizing your big WHY?We all want to do something that is in line with our passion, something that we can manage and hold our time properly and something that can also help people around us but how can we do that when we don’t recognize our purpose first? Here’s the tips that Genecia said:
(02:12 - 02:18) I think the first thing you need to do is recognize your big why. Why is it? What you do? And Why you do it?
(03:15 - 03:26) In this life, I have been taught resilience and many times in school I was being bullied because when you are not rich, the rich kids in school will bully you.
(05:21 - 05:27) My why is my family, to take care of my family, my mom, my dad, and my brother through my working years.
(05:29 - 05:33) I built up my self esteem along the way.
Learning an essential lessonIn life we have hardships and that’s exactly the fuel that can push us to be the best version of ourselves, this is what happened to Genecia:
(05:57 - 06:04) In 2004 I actually joined a modelling competition and I came in top 20 out of 1000 girls.
(06:07 - 06:23) When the pageant then came knocking I really wasn’t prepared because public speaking, you need to do like department and stuff. Even though I have some form of experience, you know, if you wanna join something, you want to win, right? You wanna do really well.
(06:24 - 06:35) So I went to tap into my compartment called the compartment of resourcefulness where I went knocking on doors asking for sponsorships.
(06:46 - 06:55) That was how I eventually found a sponsor who sponsored me to do public speaking even before I joined the pageants and her name was Rebecca.
(07:06 - 07:14) She gave me dvd’s and cd’s and books, notes, and everything that she has got.
(07:15 - 07:17) And then she asked me for my bag.
(07:20 - 07:28) She reached into the bag and she opened my wallet, she took out 60 dollars and emptied the rest of the coins.
(07:32 - 07:40) I was like, staring at her like ‘Rebecca, why are you taking my money? That’s the rest of my pocket allowance for the rest of the month, you know?’
(07:41 - 07:50) And she’s like ‘Genecia, I know I’m sponsoring you, but I need to teach you the value of exchange. The power of value.’
(07:51 - 08:09) Even though this is for you but nothing is free. Whatever you’ve got, that amount will allow you and teach you to be committed to read through the notes, to look through the dvd’s and whatever I’ve given you. If I had given you completely free you will not treasure what I provided for you.
(08:16 - 08:19) So looking back, I thank God that it happened.
(08:24 - 08:38) Guess what? I won Ms. Singapore in 2006 and I was Ms. Singapore International and later on in 2011, I won again as Ms. Singapore Chinese Cosmos and both times I represent Singapore and I’m really very proud of it.
(08:39 - 08:44) So all this journey was amazing and I never gave up.
3 Things learnt in Beauty PageantsThey say experience is the best teacher. Genecia have learned so many things in life specifically in joining beauty pageants:
(09:18 - 09:20) The first thing I learned was teamwork.
(09:37 - 09:47) The second thing I learned was how to present my platform. Which is how to be consistent, to show, to speak about who I am and share what I believed in.
(09:57 - 10:08) The third thing I learned was learning how to communicate consistently in the way that is authentic
(10:24 - 10:39) So all these things led into being an image consultant, helping CEOs and politicians because it’s all about personal branding, it’s all about being align in your body language, the way you are as a person
The struggle is realHonestly, almost everyone of us struggle to know who we really wanted to be. Genecia was not exempted to that struggle but she found someone who guided her through that struggle. Let’s see what she said:
(11:18 - 11:23) In 2012, I struggled for an entire year thinking about what I want to do with the rest of my life. 
(11:24 - 11:30) And I found someone, a mentor, who was willing to teach me and guide me how to do the next step.
(11:31 - 11:38) So in 2013 I went online and I made a hundred thousand dollars in 3 months and then a million dollars within a year
(11:39 - 11:50) And that completely changed my life because I’ve never made a million dollars and when you do consultancy work it’s usually by power and usually by project basis
(11:59 - 12:02) I make my first pot of gold
Zero Business KnowledgeNot all of us know how to do business. If you know how then good for you, but if you don’t, what exactly will you do to reach your way to the top? This is what Genecia had to share:
(12:06 - 12:16) Me and my partners, we started a cafe retail chain and that’s how I went into retail. I’m a medical student, I graduated as an occupational therapist
(12:17 - 12:24) I have zero retail knowledge, like, zero business knowledge. I mean, other than the things I already know 
(12:25 - 12:29) So to do that cafe retail chain I have to learn everything from scratch.
(12:40 - 12:47) So we grew from one outlet, we have 18 franchises and licensees and we have 7 outlets in three countries.
(12:54 - 13:05) That really changed my life because I was based, I went to Indonesia and was based there. I was working with the franchisee and that really opened up my mind to the world of business.
(13:11 - 13:16) That’s how I learned to duplicate business, how I learned how to grow a business and scale a business beyond the shores.
Finding your real purposeDespite everything that we have, are we really on our path that is paved for us? Here is what Genecia has to say:
(13:26 - 13:45) All these things that we did kind of like the foundations of me building Soul Rich Woman because in 2014, 2015, I was feeling a bit empty because even though I have money, I have fame, I have everything that I want to, a business, but I just felt that something was missing.
(13:47 - 13:49) I just felt that my calling was greater than that.
(13:55 - 14:00) When I transitioned to a cafe business, I’ve been, I just didn’t felt balanced in the things I was doing.
(14:01 - 14:12) Eventually I turned on the webcam, I turn on my webinar and I was doing this webinar thingy on every single wednesday. It’s called ‘Webinar Wednesday’ 
(14:19 - 14:22) So in the beginning I have zero viewers.
(14:27 - 14:40) So from scratch zero to the first ten, the first 100, the first 1000. So that journey taught me how to build a community, my community group.
(14:42 - 14:55) And back then it was called The Impossible Academy then in 2015 we rebranded to Soul Rich Woman because I just felt that, you know as a woman, being rich is not everything.
Establishing Soul Rich Woman

(14:59 - 15:04) In order for you to make money, your soul has got to be aligned, got to be aligned, mind, body and soul.
(15:15 - 15:29) We established Soul Rich Woman and we’ve been helping women to go from offline to online the past five years and we only do one thing which is to help women to get their voices heard and shine
(15:40 - 16:00) I will say it’s not easy, an easy journey. Because all these things where, you know, we have to go through ups and downs and it's fun but the biggest impact that I got was if we can impact a woman’s life the entire community will benefit.
Transformation from being trampled to being confidentAs a human, rising from being trampled on will never be easy but let’s hear what Genecia has to say about this:
(17:10 - 17:18) Having a strong support group is important so I’ve got some very good buddies who were there with me. And of course, my mother has always been my pillar of strength and support
(17:22 - 17:30) After all the things that have happened when you look back you know that one thing for sure that she has always been there because blood is always thicker than water.
Stand on mentoring women outside Asia(18:00 - 18:06) We have this value letter that we help women to take a step in small agreements with us.
(18:07 - 18:11) So because we are in Southeast Asia the earning capacity of Women in Southeast Asia is not high
(18:24 - 18:29) So what we do is that we have a membership program at only 12 dollars a month and you can join us for 99 dollars a year.
(18:30 - 18:34) And basically we have women from, globally and part of the membership as well
(18:36 - 18:42) We provide two videos a month and two master classes a month where it’s actionable to help women get started.
(19:17 - 19:20) So we get women to get started with our membership program.
(19:24 - 19:36) If you want to move faster, you go to the next level, you buy our digital product. It will be just a two days Soul Rich Woman blueprint workshop. We have two versions of that, we have the in-person workshop and we have the online workshop.
Reason of the Soul Rich Woman blueprint (The Magic Wand)(20:59 - 21:06) If you have the magic wand in your own hands, first, a man is not a financial plan.
(21:07 - 21:18) Two, with the magic wand in your hand, you could do wonders in your life, to transform your business and your life at anywhere, at any place, at any time.
(21:18 - 21:28) Not even relying on a fairy god mother because you are the fairy godmother, right? So by knowing this power that is in your hand, by owning this power.
(22:18 - 22:29) So we want to provide the opportunity for women to look beyond their own circumstances, to step out of their comfort zone, go beyond and achieve the dreams that they have always truly wanted to achieve.
Biggest challenge as a businesswoman(23:31 - 23:35) One of my biggest challenges was because I’m a beauty queen.
(23:39 - 23:43) When you are beautiful people judge you and when you’re capable, people think you’re bossy.
(23:46 - 23:52) The whole piece that you have everything and then people judge you for the way you are(24:05 - 24:15) When you have that kind of personal brand that’s really strong as a beauty queen, it really kind of, it’s a good and bad thing when you’re transitting to the next level of your life.
(25:39 - 25:48) Don’t let other people take you down because nobody can put us down only if you give them permission to do so.
Life’s inspirationWe have someone that inspires us to do great in life. Let us found out who’s the inspiration of Genecia:
(26:27 - 26:33) For me, a few people inspire me. I think the first one is my mom. I can’t say that enough.
(27:05 - 27:14) The other person I believe that has inspired me is also, I would say, Kim Kiyosaki, she’s the queen of cash flow.
(27:18 - 27:24) She taught me the concept of financial freedom.
Best advice on time management as a businesswoman
(29:30 - 29:32) I think, no. 1 you need to know your vision. 
(29:33 - 29:35) Because without vision a man will perish.
(29:42 - 29:46) No. 2 is really always delegate, delegate, delegate.
(30:46 - 30:52) These are some of the things that I do, I delegate, I wake up, and then I look at my team, I look at what they are doing.
(33:20 - 33:27) I think the most important thing is the sky's the limit, there’s no storm that you can’t conquer.
Key Takeaways:
1. Trials will eventually polish you and will make you resilient
2. Learn the value of what you have now
3. Your past does not dictate your future
4. Having a strong support group is important to never lose track of the future
5. To really own your business is to have the power in your hands to manage it
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