Get "Soul Why: Soul Rich Woman Blueprint" and "How to Delegate 80% of your to-do list" ---> (Part 1) Bhudi Wayan, wife of Arthur Carmazzi is truly an inspiring lady. Never giving up even though graduating only from senior high school to becoming an investor of properties in Bali, Indonesia. They both are owners of several resorts including Avalon Resort EP 35 PART 1 - Bhudi Waya - Secrets Of A Balinese Woman: Being An Owner Of Resorts In Bali And Living Her Dreams EP 36 PART 2 - Bhudi Waya - Secrets Of A Balinese Woman: Mindset Lessons To Breaking Free And Becoming An Investor Profile At An Early Age

Show Notes

FWEP00036 Ni Wayan Bhudiarti Women vs Culture? Since then, it was used that women will just be at the house taking good care of the family and providing meals for the family. But as time goes by, women have been diverse in the world of business. Ms. Budi said: (01:59-02:31) Few people are common but most women have been married and been a housewife because of the culture and they have to take care of the kids and everything so yeah, for me, when I was a child I grew up in not a rich family and I didn’t go to university. I only run until senior high school. (02:39-03:15) I have many siblings so I didn’t much get from my parents. I have four brothers and four sisters because my mom could not use anything. She tried to use so that she can’t have many kids and she got so sick so she just accepted the kids as God’s gift.  (04:20-04:43)  Now it’s getting common with this modern life. The generation now is more like focusing on school and a happy career, not like 15 years ago it’s not that much. Dream big and aim that dream to be your reality. In our younger years, we have people that we look up to and we envision ourselves to be like them in the future. This is what Ms. Budi shared as she flashback her childhood years. (05:29-06:24) In the beginning, I didn’t think that I want villas.  I just want to have my own house. We just kept on doing the business so we were able to save money and able to buy some lands and credit at that time. But now it’s already paid off.  (06:35-06:58) When I was a child, I was surrounded by business people and it inspired me to be a businesswoman. I learn how to make my own money when I was 7 years old because my mom taught me.  (07:22-07:47) When I’m in the process of building Tradewind villas, 6 minutes away from Bhutan it’s called Peaceful Villa which is surrounded by nature, water sound and much water fountains. Simple life out of extravagant life status. Financial independence makes us able to buy all the luxuries in the world. But we should not forget where we started and with this independence, we should be able to help with the poor ones. Ms. Budi mentioned: (08:28-09:07) My life here, I don’t really go to supermalls and buy expensive clothes and everything. I dreamt that I wanna have my own business so I don’t rely on somebody for financial needs. And also I can help people around by hiring people to work with me so they have jobs.  (09:23-09:38) We are blessed and we keep on trying and we didn’t give up and less on buying unimportant stuff and just be focused on achieving that dream. (10:45-10:55) We are teaching our children to never give up and keep on trying. Failure is an experience and it is a lesson.  

Key takeaways:  
  1. Never give up on achieving your dreams.
  2. Always look for a way to help other people.
  3. We should be able to take risks to make our dreams into reality.
  4. Always be humble no matter how successful you are.
  5. Be an inspiration.

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