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Show Notes

FWEP00033 Yolanda Martinez Are women powerless? Ms. Yolanda shared how she had seen her mother being abused and powerless because of an abusive husband. This strengthens her belief even being a child on what life she would like to have when she grows up and what type of person she wants to welcome her life. (00:57-01:16) Today we have someone really empowering, superwoman, power speaker her name is Yolanda and right here in Singapore, we are so honored to have her here to be able to hear her message of what she’s been speaking to the women worldwide. Welcome, Yolanda! (01:21-01:47) Well, first of all, I work with my husband Mark Husic. We traveled for the last 11 years doing his show and speaking events but I’ve also had the opportunity to speak and share a little bit about my message and up until about what probably a year ago I’ve had this vision of wanting to speak to women in owning your power and taking it back and stop being a victim. (02:21-03:03) I grow up with an abusive father who is an alcoholic and who always used to abuse my mom, never the kids but my mom. And I always thought like she always felt powerless when then retrospected to that she was more powerful than she thought and so I, at a very young age decided that that wasn’t who I was gonna be and so I think from the age of 14, I constantly told myself what kind of relationship I wanted to have when I was older, what kind of person I wanted in my life, what kind of person I was not going to allow in my life. Dreaming Big and Making that dream real. As a child, we intend to visualize what we wanted to be in the future. We may have dreams, aspirations, and goals even at a young age but how persistent are we to make these dreams into reality? As shared by Ms. Yolanda: (03:04-03:30) And so when I got to modeling, it was all because I’d loved fashion and so my mother was the one that side all the documents because my dad was against it and so, at the very young age I knew what I wanted to do and I just pursued it until I accomplish. I wanted to be a teacher so I taught for 10 years. The modeling was always key in my life, the fashion, the shows. (03:32-04:08) When I got into modeling full time I did, I was always the one to have a big bag with extra makeup, extra shoes, extra panyos so whenever anybody needed anything, I was the girl two-person so I never thought like I was like in competition with anyone. When you're doing a fashion show, you’re there to showcase the fashion, you’re not there to compete, you’re not gonna win anything at the end of the day so I never felt like I was competing against them. I always thought that the show would be so much better if we just work together so that’s why if somebody’s needed something, I always had it handy. (04:35-05:00) I came from a very young age of knowing, I was a migrant worker from the time I was 7 until I was 17 and so I knew that, that wasn’t my life, I knew that was just a job that I had to do in order to buy my own school supplies and my own school clothes so I never took that identity of what I was doing because there was something more than I wanted to do. 

Love, how to keep this burning? As we get older, life gives more challenges and with these, love and support from friends and from your partner in life are essential to keep us going. Ms. Yolanda mentioned how to keep this relationship alive and kicking. (05:34-05:55) Rituals? I really don’t do rituals. I constantly look at myself not from others point of view but myself so when I look at myself, how do I feel about myself is it positive or negative.  (06:30-06:51) Yes. I have friends based on what kind of friend I am so if I’m not a very good friend, I know that the people around me are not gonna be good friends that I could depend on. (07:51-08:17) Well, this is our first time in Singapore so we came a few days early so that we could go out and explore together because we have never been here so we went out and did things together to get the same view in the city of this beautiful place together. We’ve explored new and even places that he’s been to that I haven’t. When we explore it together, it’s totally a different feel when you go and do it by yourself. (09:03-09:29) I think because he is a good listener and I am very vocal about what I am feeling, I think it helps to have someone that knows where you’re coming from because he knows the mindset, he knows about women and men being so different. That he is able to listen to what I am feeling something even it is a gut feeling about someone that I don’t wanna be around, he’ll listen. 

What others see from you should be different in how you see yourself. It is what you believe, what you want and how you see yourself matters the most. You should be the influencer of a positive attitude and aura. Ms. Yolanda shared: (10:06:10:20) I think the key is knowing who you are, you gotta know who you are and you gotta know that when you show up somewhere, show up 100%. Don’t show up saying Oh maybe, I’ll sit and see what happens here.  (11:06-11:30) Always talk to yourself in a positive way. It doesn’t matter if you had a bad night or you got a nap and it’s early and you’re not ready to get up. I know Robbins’s book it’s called 5-second rule so you have 5 seconds to decide, are you gonna get out of bed or you gonna lay at bed whole day because that’s all it takes, it takes 5 seconds for you to make that change in your life. (11:44-12:14) The last point I think is don’t play into society’s vision of who you are. Too many times, with all those traumatic things happened in our past, in our childhood, in our teens, it doesn’t matter when you give someone when you give something that power, you don’t have the power then. You’re giving it away so take your power back. Don’t let society dictate who you are. Women are as powerful as men. Women and men should not be competing on who is more powerful. We can go hand by hand on helping society and future children. Ms. Yolanda explained: (12:30-12:50) Right now, I’ve got a program that I’ve put together and it’s for women and it’s about confidence, it’s about mindset and it’s about owning who you are so it’s called 21 days with Yolanda. You go on the website So, we have a facebook page that they could go on.  (14:06-14:30) I think online it’s easy because you could portray anything. You could say anything. My thing is, we need to disconnect ourselves from being online so much and connect ourselves back to society and so one of the things I talk about in my program is put down your phones and go up and meet people. (16:58) I think anyone that steps into themselves and feels great about themselves that reflection will be given to everybody whether its female or male. I used to work at conventions and the people I used to work with, clients, will always tell me when you walk into the convention center it’s like everybody stops because of the way that you walk in like really? I just walked in and like, no, it’s the way you present yourself when you walked in. (18:56-19:20) Well, they should all get together and every day will gonna be different. You can’t say I’m fabulous today and tomorrow when you wake up you are cranky and not feeling good about yourself so you can’t play that role every day but if you have financial independence, all those things will just fall into its place  (21:51-22:16) Right now you’re not a victim because of whatever happened is not happening to you right now so own the fact that you are still here and you’re still able to influence others. As well as help other women that have been situations that you had. Be aware that you didn’t wake up one day saying you gonna procrastinate and hold them my life. 

Key Takeaways:
  1. All men and women are equal.
  2. We should always have a positive mindset to influence others.
  3. Let us be surrounded by people who support and believe in us.
  4. Always make time for those people we love and cherish the most.
  5. Be a good example for our children.
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