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FWEP00032 Dr. Kamakshi Jindal In this episode we have a very special guest, she is Dr. Kamakshi Jindal she is known as a Celebrity Fashion Stylist, Trend Identifier, Image Makeover Coach, and Event Curator. She is also the Executive Director and partner in Aesthetics International and Founder of  Aesthetics International Council for Progressive Women. She is also the Vice-Chairperson of the Asian Chamber of Commerce and Industries. She is the Goodwill Ambassador of Ladies of All Nations International. She is also the founder of World of Talent - A National competition for kids comprising of  Dance, singing, fashion, junior chef, instrumental, poetry, theatre, etc. She is also the founder of Aesthetics trends and grooming Academy, which is affiliated to Singapore and Brazil. How Dr. Kamakshi’s journey startedDr. Kamakshi shared with us how her journey as a fashion stylist started. Her journey really proves that there’s no impossible if you work hard for it.  (02:32- 2:48) My journey started when I started garments nationally in India. Fashion styling has been my passion since childhood gradually I’m collaborating with my brother and together we are doing a couple of events.  (3:04-3:25) I am actively working for all-round development for females who are actively involved in the business, education, service, or social endeavors. I’m doing this as it is my regime and mission to see women getting empowered across the globe. The struggles she encounteredEach of us faces problems in life, but do not let the problem stop you. Every experience has the knowledge to impart to us in the end.  (3:40-4:20) Definitely, everyone faces struggles, and I too, I am also facing and I must say my greatest struggle has been ever dominating male-driven society and all those who cannot take knowledge of women rising beyond prescribed it limits of the society. Actually, I was previously a housewife for 14 years. So a housewife turning in an entrepreneur is not taken positively by the same my society what we can say. So this is the thing I always face as a struggle.  (04:42) My family, my brother and my friends they all help me to overcome this society to motivate me to work and always encouraged me to overcome these struggles and definitely with towards motivating people my hard work and dedication because I want to show this world are the real power of women this is the main motivation which I come with my all friends, my brother, my family and all. These all were with me to motivate all the time. (5:44-6:07) I would say that my greatest success is the international penetration of my programs. Like if you talk about my shows I do events we are into kids events which include competitions related to singing, fashion, dancing, drawing, instrumental poetry, theaters, and many more which is coming on national TV also. (6:46-7:27) When I launched my Aesthetics International Council for Progressive Women my organization in 2018 I started with the regime to empower women throughout the world and now with the starting of 2020, I could see my dream is fulfilling. It’s my organization as Aesthetics International Council for Progressive Women has spread its a wing for more than 25 countries with fifteen hundred plus numbers. This I think is big I wanted to do, my mission is not yet accomplished but still I could see I would be able to do it definitely. Business TipsA woman who has vision knows what she is doing, she empowers women and teaches them to grow more and cross the fence of weakness. (7:46-8:06) Women should have a realistic vision, they should have a desire to succeed and strong leadership command these are the three tips, business tips I would like to suggest to a woman.  (8:28-8:41) My inner circle always has people who are positive in nature dedicated to the organization's vision and can build of love into leaders. (9:07-9:17) Power struggles are always there. I have to manage my family, my work in such a way that the mutual egos are satisfied. (12:21-12:52) Every woman, who’s generating a power who is the power of being a woman who can learn things from others, who is not facing any jealous problem, who can empower other women every woman who is generating power and has crossed the fence all woman I can say are the one.  Key Takeaways:
  1. Don’t let problems stop you.
  2. Women should have a vision.
  3. Be with people who motivate you.
  4. Live the life you love.
  5. Time management.
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