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Show Notes

FWEP00031 Ivy Montgomery Value and give complimentWorking is not an easy task, you need to give effort, quality and productivity for you to be noticed. But the most important thing when you are working is to be happy with your job. Because when you are happy and you love what you do, you will achieve success.  (2:14-2:50) One of the things that’s part of my management philosophy I always choose people and role where their strength, their passion cross because I think that’s where they do the maximum amount that I put at the state of happiness. So for my leadership standpoint, from the recruitment standpoint I would first start-up with selecting people that really adhere to the wall that they are happy to spend the bulk of their time doing so. That’s more recruitment leadership. (3:29-3:55) It is certainly unusual in the sense that I’m in a technology space. There’s not a lot of it in the US there’s not a lot of leaders in the technology space in the Sea Sweet. And so part of it, it’s being used to stand up for yourself. Knowing that what you know deliver results for the company that’s important. And really be authentic. Woman as a leaderDo not dream about success, but work for it. Always think of positive things in order for you gain the trust and respect of your followers. (4:13-4:29) Being woman, one of the things, especially after having children, it's your ability to compartmentalization and being extremely efficient at work and so when I think about my day today work each hour I allocated based on what I think is the priority for the day.  (4:56-5:11) If you choose family it does not mean that you are no longer an executive. I think there's a couple things that you need to look at. One, it’s choosing a partner who truly respect who you are, this is your life partner and support what you want to be as a person. The second thing it’s stand, choose a company that also respect who you are and what you can deliver and the values that you bring to the table and understand that you’re not giving out who you are as far your own personal value. Just to be the hundred percent always at work.  (8:54- 09:08) Find a mentor within the organization as well as outside of the organization. Now that mentor is not necessarily need to be a female, although sometimes it could be helpful for someone who you would like to be years from now. Key Takeaways:
  1. Use to stand-up for yourself. 
  2. Success is being who you are and living your life according to the values that you believed in.
  3.  Find a mentor within the organization
  4. Find a partner who truly respects who you are.
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Get "Soul Why: Soul Rich Woman Blueprint" and "How to Delegate 80% of your to-do list" --->