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Show Notes

FWEP00030 Imelda Dagus In this episode, we have our very special guest her name is Imelda Dagus. She is the Founder of Dennis Coffee Garden and an awardee of inspiring Filipina Entrepreneurs in 2017 and Outstanding ASEAN Women Entrepreneurs in 2018.  How podcast change Imelda’s lifeTouching people through your story is a great pleasure you may have in life. Being an inspiration to someone you didn’t know means more.  (00:58-1:50) The podcast impacted my life instantly. I truly agree that a podcast is not only about building online presence but most importantly online credibility. I realized that my message impacted more people that I never thought it could. I even have a friend in high school who commented on my post that I am her idol. This is coming from a lady whom I have never been communicating with for the past 30 years. My son appreciated my efforts to launch a podcast and touch people and he told me that he cried with joy. That is something I never thought that would happen.  (2:06-2:42) One friend also mentioned that what I am doing is a big thing for my generation and some friends are now showing interest in buying my book. On the first day I attended the workshop I actually told Genecia that I wanted to write a book so she offered that I can do a podcast instead. Because it is faster to reach more people and the voice is more powerful than a book. To which I agreed. (3:04-3:34) But when I realized that I can actually earn more the moment I have built my reputation online, by showing up and having my voice heard people will come to know who I am and what I stand for and people will support me, more people will come to my coffee shop, more people will patronize my book, more people would like to invest with me because they can see how authentic I am.  The importance of supportYou should have someone who are there to support you throughout your journey. It will make you build your confidence in inspiring other people by sharing the story of your life. (4:14-4:34) I am not into a podcast person so I thought I could not do it. But when Genecia explained to me they will support and guide me, my worry disappeared. Having the whole Soul Rich Woman team behind me melted my fears away.  (5:40-6:11) I had fears on the outcome of my podcast, how will people react? Will they be inspired? Or will I be criticized? Those mind freaks we normally face when doing something new for the first time. But because I sincerely believe that I need to get my message across to people who would need to listen to it I took action in spite of fear. (6:33-6:53) I still went ahead with everything that is coming from my heart. The understanding that I intention is to share and inspire and not to criticize or destroy other people's lives gave me the courage to go out and do the podcast.  Focus on what you loveIf you want to be successful on your goal, focus to it. Keep working hard to achieve that success you want to have. It might be hard, but think of why you have started.  (7:27- 7:42) If you want something big and impactful you have to allocate it big energy and big focus to make it happen and you have to set it as your number one priority.  (8:28-9:05) Having your family and friends to support you in what you are doing and giving you the understanding of the journey you wish to embark on is already a great encouragement. Not to mention that having the Soul Rich Woman team is your rocket launcher. Knowing that you have people behind you who will look after your best interest and following up on you so that you will not fall to your little voices that keeps ringing inside your head is a great support. (10:15-10:39) I also believe that exposure is magic. Now that I have exposed my story, I realized that people are actually appreciating what I did. Had I continued to hide under my fears I would have not touched people's hearts. And most importantly my family’s hearts. 
 Key Takeaways:
  1. Always have each other’s back.
  2. Don’t let your fear stop you.
  3. You are more than what you think.
  4. Follow your heart.
  5. Keep inspiring other people
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