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Show Notes

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Hello gorgeous! Welcome to today’s episode. In this episode we have a very special guest her name us Cindy Wang she is the CMO of UXINgroup. Cindy was Head of Marketing of Uber China in Beijing. Cindy has extensive experience in strategy, M&A and entrepreneurship. She has worked in Oliver Wyman and Booz&Company, covering Auto and TMT sectors.

 A shift in company culture

 When Cindy came back to China to work, she experienced a shift of work culture. This is what she shared:
 (02:47 - 02:55)  And of course I was working always for International companies and it is my first Chinese company, for me to go back home.
 (2:56 - 3:01) So culture wise it’s a bit different than before, for example when I was working in Silicon Valley, it is very open.
 (3:05 - 3:09)  For women, you always had a lot of opportunities to talk, to share your opinions.
 (3:11 - 3:14)  Where in China, it’s a bit traditional.
 (3:19 - 3:21)  We’re not playing a lot of important roles as men
 (3:23 - 3:42)  But we’re changing that, for example in my company, in my team because we’re marketing department, we’re most innovative and creative aspect of the company. I have 70% of women work in my team and they have very great background, international working and education experience and they are young and pretty and they are smart.
 How to lead as a woman
Being a leader and a woman at that here are some advice that she shared to help all women out there seeking to take on a leadership position in their company or in society:
(3:53 - 4:09)  I think first you definitely need to have courage. For example I spent most of my time working overseas, especially Middle East and in Europe and especially in Middle East, a male dominant society, so I learned how to survive.
 (4:23 - 4:46)  Two, I think first you need to really be confident , speak and share your opinions in front of, no matter whom and secondly you need to leverage our strengths. You know, to be nice and very high EQ and IQ to communicate, so I think that is something you want to, it’s like the key success factors for women to become a leader. 
 (4:47 - 4:53) And last but not the least, be curious in your life all the time, then you can keep young.
 The new generation and success
She feels honored to work with fresh minds and it is very inspiring to hear her share how she views success: 
 (5:30 - 5: 39) Those young generation they have really their own strengths and they are really brave and they have very clear vision to change the society and change the world.
 (5:49 - 6:14) I think that success is not something you want to compare with a hero , it’s not something you want to compare with Mark Zuckerberg or all the leaders --- Elon Musk. I don’t think you should call it a success. Success, does not have a bench mark. As long as you are happy for yourself , as long as you think you are satisfied with all the progress and efforts you have made so far, I think then you can call it a success.
 Important views in work and skills

Here Cindy Wang shares some of the importance of what she does and how she’s able to do them:

(6:19 - 06:41) Because I’m working in a tech company, I think marketing is the eyes of the company because the marketing personnel always need to have very forward thinking and the most creative mind to bring all the time the new ideas and a source of energy to the company. It’s extremely important not only for me but also for the tech world.

(06:47 -07:05)  I just finished a very interesting branding campaign to put our brand in the latest transformer 5 international the movie so I know it’s not a really successful movie but I think our product placement is super successful.

And when asked what her best skill is, this is what she shared:

(8:09 - 8:33) Innovative mindset, so I try to keep myself absorbing all the fresh ideas from different people, from different industry and also from different activities, you’re doing for example I love travelling and I travel to more than 90 countries, I think that’s the greatest way for me to be really open and to keep fresh ideas and keep fresh mind all the time.

Hardest choice as a woman leader
Circumstance won’t always be by your side and as a leader you will be bound to make tough decisions. Cindy was not exempted:
 (8:47 - 09:26)  I think the toughest challenge is to keep the talent in your team. I think there’s always a challenge for me because if you think about how much effort you put when you train a young person in your team. From knowing nothing to become a really capable manager and then one day he or she will tell you : “Oh sorry, I want to go to somewhere else” Now, you can be really sad and you’re trying to give him or her all the rational reasons to try to keep him to stay. That is for me is a challenging, TALENTS--- finding and keeping talents.
 Advice for aspiring entrepreneurs
Here’s what we can learn from Cindy and what she has achieved in her career:
 (10:10 - 10:22) I think you should always be brave to try out new things and don’t be afraid to fail. LIke the failures will always give you new strength for your bright future.  

Key Takeaways:

1.      Always look for an opportunity2.      Have courage 3.      Make tough decisions4.      Don’t be afraid to fail.5.      Absorb fresh ideas


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