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Show Notes

FWEP00024 Ekaterina Matveeva In this episode, our special guest is Ekaterina Matveeva also known as Kate. She is the CEO and founder of Amolingua. Amolingua offers smart service for soft skills training in foreign languages. Learning more about languageThe study of a foreign tongue improves the knowledge of one's own language. It will help you not just with the communication, but it will also give an opportunity to engage with the world in a more immediate and meaningful way Today we have a special guest with us. She’s all the way from the U.K. Her name is Kat and she’s the CEO and Founder of Amolingua. (01:12 - 01:34) I’m Ekaterina Matveeva. This is complicated so Kate. Platform is called, Amolingua which means, I love languages. So which we are doing, we are teaching you languages, cultures like cultural mindset. Mainly training in public speaking. It’s all in one package and it’s not just for you to learn a language but actually for a particular purpose for a girl. So it can be a business.  (01:41 - 01:55) So if you go to China, you need to understand Chinese culture. Otherwise, how are you going to sell there. If it’s engineering, so we will help you with engineering vocabulary and as well as the social idea on how it should work there lets just say in Germany different here with Singapore. The beginning of serviceWe cannot deny the fact that it is very hard to start working on a project on the first time, you need to let people believe in you and made them feel you deserve their trust. But when if you love what you are doing nothing is impossible. (02:14-2:30) 10 years ago, when I was in linguistics, well it just don’t on me I wanted to actually get some language school but I didn’t know how it will work and use it, for it involves some high technology because already I was dreaming about you know some of the yeah yeah you know it was the start.  (2:56-3:04) Last year we actually launched properly this project and it was like first about the service so we were just you know teaching people and seeing the results statistics.  (3:31-3:50) That was the first service and then we attracted more and more people like form technology and we form partnership for platform like company like working in a public sector etc. and now we are preparing like fully and technologically like you know, quick platform with is our own talent materials based on our methodology.  (04:25- 4:36) The first call for me is when I was invited for TED talk then when I actually wrote my first book and then second book and it was again more about education and languages. Embrace the challengesChallenges are everywhere, just face them and do not let them fail you. Keep on striving for the best result for your goals.  (5:48) I went on Europe, different corporates different cultures but we all know that we need a lot of patience, we are corporates because we have the structure.  (6:18-6:27) In my case it’s more about contribution and impact so if I can contribute to the development of a particular company that’s an influence. (9:25-9:43) You need to work twice harder like everywhere, you need to position yourself not like to become a man, you know it’s very important but actually still be female. It’s very important actually embrace your femenine side. (12:33-12:38) I have these like 3D formula, dream, decide, do that’s it. Key Takeaways: 
  1. Importance of communication
  2. Believe in yourself
  3. Have patience
  4. Face the challenges
  5. Be open to learning new things
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