🤷🏻‍♀️How can a woman:
1. Run the SAME business for 30 years
2. Be the CEO/MD of an engineering company that’s Male dominated
3. Make the company the TOP 5 in Malaysia 🇲🇾 and has 65 million dollars in revenue
4. Give birth to her miracle baby at 54 years old
5. Even in her 60’s she’s NEVER stopped learning

Dame Wendy Tan: 💁🏻‍♀️thank you so much for inspiring me, to re-examine my upsets which is an opportunity to the truths. 🙋🏻‍♀️

A message of self-love, balancing family/work and a strong desire to succeed - an episode full of effective nuggets.

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Show Notes

Ep 21 Dame Wendy Tan In this episode we have a very special guest, she is a powerful and amazing woman and MD CEO of Globe
engineering. She has 30 years of experience leading the organization she received the Dame of Honor from the order of the Orthodox Knights of St. John Russian Grand Priory USA in the year 2012 she is Dame Wendy Tan.  

Looking back
Wendy is very successful now, but it did not start out that way. (2:02-20)Because being a woman in business is not easy. I would say especially for me in the man industry and it took me a while to gain the trust of the men and now there’s no hesitation. When they have a project they want me to make they do not ask me anymore “Can you do the project?”. 
(02:29)So I have the upper hand right now in many ways but it took me many, many years to build this business to where I am today and I’m very proud of who I am today too.

The journey to permanency

Sometimes to find where we are most effective we need to keep trying and opening ourselves up to opportunities that come our way. This is Wendy’s journey:(2:53-3:03)I did account for a while and I found it so boring I was in an auditing firm and most time I was falling asleep then I realized that that’s not the job for me(3:05-11)That time when I was working as an auditor was after graduated back from Canada.(3:15-18)And I realized that’s not for me and I came to Kuala Lumpur  (3:23-41)The first job I took was Insurance and many people asked me you have done so high education, why are you venturing into insurance and I do insurance for a while and I close my first million dollars policy and after I achieve what I wanted then I moved on. (4:23-43)I decided to migrate to New Zealand because at that point in time New Zealand was taking up a PR so where my degree it’s very easy to get a PR and I spent a couple of years in New Zealand working as Accountant, financial accountant.(4:55-5:11)After coming back from New Zealand I came into this Fire Industry this friend of mine that I knew for many years when he was lobbying for the business from my ex-boss asked me to join him and I just joined him as a business partner in the construction industry.  Being a woman in a male-dominated industryBeing a woman should not be seen as a hindrance to be successful in an industry that was dominated by men. You just have to be you. Here’s how Wendy did it: (5:52-6:15)I think is very important to gain the trust of the men. Many times when I would walk in you’ll get a look from the men why is this lady in this industry and every meeting that I go in, I’ll be the only lady there might be 20 men 30 men I’ll be the only lady. (6:23-35)And through the years I realized being a lady has its advantage and I worked a lot on myself to achieve to be who I am today. Be a woman and so proud to be one. (6:46-7:37)I think it is so important that you want to be who you are being feminine rather than be the mature woman so that then men don’t feel so much as a threat but rather treat you well as other women and they feel happy I think right now the man that I work with feel happy to deal with me and they feel very comfortable to share anything with me and I have many good relationships with all my clients and because of that we have constant repeat business that’s how the company has grown because all the developers in town have grown their business they do bigger business, bigger buildings, hospitals, hotels and therefore my company has grown along with my clientele.

Invest in Personal Development
You are your best asset. Keep learning, keep growing, look for a community, or an organization that can guide you to strengthen who you are in order for you to be effective as an entrepreneur. This is how Wendy came in contact with Money and You.(8:02-49)Working on myself building myself clearing my childhood trauma, my childhood issues and
to become who I really am so it’s so important that you invest in yourself and
because of that’s how I ended up taking on Money and You because of Money and
Your program is a program that has transformed my life since 1998. And I
realized when I first attended this program I taught it was boring but actually
it wasn’t a program that is boring it was a reflection of me that I’m leading a
very boring life. Money and You, what’s so special about this program is that
you can come back and review it at any time and any part of the world.(9:05-13)The good thing about Money and You you have a lot of coaches around and the people who will help you in your personal growth(9:56-10:00)I have met so many of them that have helped me along the way in my personal growth 
Driving force to success
Our family background should not hinder us to succeed. And if we have miscommunications with our parents we need
to resolve it along the way. This is Wendy’s story: (10:38-11:03)Because I was from a poor family I had to work, I worked as a babysitter I worked as a waitress, I worked as a bartender. I worked long hours so that I could make the money to support myself while I was in Canada. So that was something really good so it gives me the determination to want to succeed in life. (11:09-26)Dad has never think very much of girls, because of him I always want to prove him wrong that girls can do more things than the boys and that has made me who I am today because of that so I’m thankful.911:46-12:17)One of my breakthroughs was how to communicate with my mom because as we were
growing up with my kids we never really had a chance to communicate it was like
shouting, screaming telling you what to do and those days you’re put in a box
were they just live you their that’s what makes me so different because of my

Spreading loveA truly successful person is someone who will keep on doing good to help transform other people’s lives?
12:57-13:27  Well I would like to continue to transform people’s lives and giving love to the world that was the little Wendy what she wanted when she saw is giving love to the world which I never really had when I was a young kid. So
this is something I would like people to have, love in their heart and I’m so glad that I can do this through this program Money and You.  Overcoming fearsWe all have fears but what makes it unhealthy is when we don’t do anything about it. Never make your fear an excuse to stay mediocre, overcome it. This is what Wendy did: (20:17-47)I believe every one of us has fear but because like I said there are many coaches I went and work on it what other fears and really release them and be who you really are because we’re all-powerful being so having to work on
yourself to clear your fear in your system is very important. I mean there are fears in me but I went and did all these personal coaching lettings go of it. 
 Balancing relationship 
Nothing is better than constant communication especially with your partner so there won’t be misunderstandings or power struggle with your business partner or life partner. Learn from Wendy’s relationship with her husband: 
(2:01-390I don’t really have a power struggle in my relationship because our age now I think my husband and we really talk things out we always have dinner together every night he makes sure that I’m home then we only have dinner and that’s when really I will share with him about my workday and he will sit down and listen to me and he will give his viewpoint but we ourselves, we already have the answer within us, it’s having someone to listen to us and that’s it. 
(2:43-3:02)I used to journal a lot I will write down and I can’t sleep, I write how my feeling and after that I will just go to bed and then the answer will come. Now that I have a husband I journal less now because I have someone to talk with
and I’m so thankful to have him in my life at a late age. Money and You
This program can help anyone. Especially an organization, where communication needs to be strengthened. This is how Wendy described the effectiveness of the program:
3:09-14 Money and You is a program for anybody, anyone for that matter.
44:51-5:03 I also encourage all my engineering staff to attend Money and You so that they understand who their boss really is and at this point in time there’s 5 of them classroom attending Money and You
5:21-56 I think that so important when you are running an organization it is easy I remember before Money and You we always screaming shouting at my staff right now it’s like we communicate, we talk things out they come and see me if we face a problem rather than in the past they’ll be so fearful of coming in to see the boss. Although you want to see the boss so in a way right now we have very open communication in the organization and they don’t feel that it’s a
threat when I’m in a chat group with them with all the project. 
What is a Soul Rich Woman
This is how Wendy defines a Soul Rich Woman:6:45-7:17 Someone who is in their heart and it’s not easy to be in your heart it took many years because when I first attended Money and You I was so hard on myself. I didn’t even know that feelings is one of my senses that was then in 1998. So it’s a joke that you no longer feel you will just go walk from hate and now that we work from our heart work is easy. 
F word
F word is Being Fabulous having Freedom and Financial independence. Among these F words Wendy chose Financial Freedom as the most important for her:  7:30-50 I would say financial freedom because let us say I came from a very poor family so to be financially free now is very important to me. I get to travel if I want to travel, I travel with my kid and husband we make a point to travel as a
family overseas, 3 to 4 times a year. 

Key Takeaways: 1.    Communicate, to maintain the balance in your
relationships.2.    Do what makes you feel good.3.    Stop being afraid and start taking risks.4.    Your dream should involve making others’ lives
better as well.5.    You can never achieve success without determination 

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