Episode 20

🤷🏻‍♀️ How can a lady have it all? Being Fabulous, having Freedom and Financial Independence?

💁🏻‍♀️ How is it possible that this lady who have seen the 🗺 world 🌍 yet remain true to herself, her heart 💓 her SOUL?

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Show Notes

Not all is free with Pia Wurtzbach Miss Universe 2015

In this video we interviewed Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach, all the way from the Philippines. She is formerly known in the Philippine entertainment and modeling industry as Pia Romero, is a Filipina-German model, actress, and beauty queen who was crowned Miss Universe 2015 on December 20, 2015. She had previously won Binibining Pilipinas 2015, in her third attempt in the competition.
The journey towards Miss Universe 2015

Winning Miss Universe is more than just being a beauty queen, for Pia it symbolized persistent determination to pursue one’s dream. 
(59:1-24_ Well it took me a long time to make it to Miss Universe I think a lot of people know  that it took me 3 times in our National competition which is called Binibining Pilipinas before I got into a Miss Universe 2015 and it was also 42 years since we won, since the Philippines won. It was pretty much a big deal back home at that time. 
(1:29-41) Just last year Philippines won again Catriona won and that’s also like was a big celebration. So we love beauty pageants. And we take Miss Universe very seriously.
More than just the crown

Pageants are not only about the glitz and glamour. It creates something more inside every woman who joins and it especially changes the life of the winner, like it did Pia’s.
(1:54-2:24)After winning Ms. Universe I mean being able to travel. I’ve always dreamt of travelling the world and coming to places like Singapore I would only imagine it as a kid and now I get to do it as part of my job. Trying all the different cuisines and meeting people from all walks of life, it's just a really nice learning experience I feel like I may not have gone to college but my school is the world and I’m learning a lot.
 She further shares the learning she gained when she became Ms. Universe 2015
(2:32- 3:33)It really is more than just what people see on TV I mean it’s more than a pretty girl who gets crowned at the end of the show wearing a gown who had a nice answer during Q and A, it is really more than that. These girls go through a lot its months some of them years of trying, training, polishing and just really making themselves better over-all not just physically but then also enhancing their communication skills enhancing poise in how they present themselves in public like really a lot of things and just trying to overcome that inner battle in you that you’re not good enough it’s always that in our dialogue you have in your head you know that you’re not deserving of being a queen. But then it is more than what people see on TV. It’s really it changes our lives and at the same time we want to change other people’s lives as we become beauty queens. 
Filtering negativity

We can’t control how people view us. Like it or not there will always be someone who will hate is for no reason at all. Let’s learn from Pia how to handle the noise around that can drag you down if not managed appropriately.
(3:45-55)Negativity - it is part of it I guess I can’t say that I’m kind of used to it already because I started as an actress back home 
(4:11-18)So I just got used to it and then I learned how to filter comments in my head 
(4:31-33)So you just have to choose your battles I guess. 
Writing a book 

Beauty queens are commonly expected to write an autobiography after their reign, although Pia thought about this, she opted for a different route for her book. She shared: 
(6:13-42)I am coming out with a book, it's very common for beauty queens especially Miss Universes’ to come out with a book after their reign I thought about doing an autobiography but then I thought maybe this would be a nice first book for me. So I came up with a story for a while now maybe 2 years since after I passed on my crown actually. So what happened was after you pass on your crown next question is what would I do next. 
(6:42-7:01)So I wrote down a lot of ideas on my notebook and then I figured out that this would be a nice first. So it’s a fiction novel about a girl who also joins a beauty pageant and the struggles and challenges she goes through into winning or not winning. 
(7:05-16)It’s loosely based on my life story not exactly the same of course I added a bit more drama to it but I made sure that people are gonna take away some really nice life lessons at the end of the book. 
Top Three Lessons as a beauty queen
What makes everything worthwhile are the lessons you learn in the different phases of your life. Nothing stays the same, so make sure to plan ahead and use what you’re given for the moment to inspire and make a difference. Here’s what Miss Universe taught Pia.
(7:36-56)The top three lessons I learned into when I competed at Miss Universe is that: Every girl has a different reason for joining some of them really want to get the crown; some of them make it into a stepping stone to acting or modelling; some it was their parent’s wish for them to join a pageant. 
(09-26)So I guess with each girl it’s a different purpose or different story. I also learned that, not everyone can speak English and then not everybody can speak the same language that you speak but then everybody can still get along. 
(8:55-9:14)It is everybody’s qualified to win and everybody’s beautiful and everybody is smart and everybody has something to say everybody has an advocacy and a voice. So it’s really a matter of preparedness and luck.  
The power of thinking ahead
Planning and preparing is essential to be able to seize every opportunity. Here’s what Pia has to say:(9:34-41)You have to be prepared all the time because you never know when the opportunity comes and I guess that‘s how it kinda worked for me. (9:52-10:15)You always have to think a few steps ahead that’s how I am. I always think of a game plan kind of like what would do I want to achieve this year or the next couple of months or the next 5 years you don’t have to have it all written down but at least you have an idea in your head of where you want to go so then you’re not kind of aimlessly going anywhere--- you’re going somewhere.  
Mentors are a team of people behind your success, they can change as you go along but all of us need mentors. As for Pia she had: (10:19-59)I do have a couple of mentors especially when I was training for Miss Universe and Binibining PIlipinas I had a team like a village of people. Like one for walking, one for Q and A, one for makeup, one for hair well 3 for Q and A cause then there’s showbiz Q and A, there’s serious Q and A, So I talk to like a showbiz personality for the showbiz Q and A. Also a lawyer for the more serious Q and A so there’s different. Because they can ask you different questions and they all have different tones and also a life coach I spoke to life coach also and I took it a step further I also had an astrologist. 
(11:05-17)So I was really serious about it, but it helps it’s nice to have a team behind you, people cheering you on cause it’s not just your battle it’s also kind of theirs too. 
(11:37)Now, I’m being guided by the management team 
 (11:39-12:06)The difference now is I’m kind more of the “the boss” and this is what Miss Universe kept telling me before I passed on my crown is that “Pia you have to be prepared because after Miss Universe is done you’re gonna be your own boss now. So it’s gonna be what you want to do and what you want to achieve so think about it really hard” and then I told myself okay so this is it. 
The transition
Despite the many doors opened and the opportunity to inspire, Ms. Universe is not a permanent thing. When your reign is done, what’s next? This is Pia’s advice: 
(15:22-53)Just think about what you like to do before all of this happen before the crown, before the heels, before the gowns. What were your interests? It’s nice to go back to what you really love to do because I realized that if you force yourself to doing something that you don’t really like you’re gonna be burned out and you’re gonna run out of energy it’s gonna be so hard to fake it and you’re not gonna be happy in the long run you have to love what you do. 

 (16:23-35)The good thing about finishing your journey as a beauty queen now is the world is your stage, now you can be whoever you want to be. So choose wisely.
 (16:43-50)There’s really no shame in asking for advice, asking for help, it doesn’t mean that you’re lost. It just means that you want some guidance so that you can go into the right direction. 
Soul Rich Woman 

When we say Soul Rich Woman a woman that is rich in her heart. Someone who has a good heart when it comes to serving people especially uplifting women. 
Pia defined Soul Rich Woman as: 
(17:53-18:04)Soul rich woman is not a woman who’s rich in money or fame or material thing it’s more of like what’s inside what’s in her heart 
(18:13-32)I feel like all of us are trying our best everyday women be soul rich woman. Instead of competing with each other and looking towards side and try to compare ourselves with each other women we should be uplifting each other. That’s what will make us soul rich women.
The F-Word 

We love the  F words: Being Fabulous, having Freedom and Financial independence. But for Pia, her favorite F-word is fun: 
(18:55-19:24)My favorite just has fun like I wanna make it simple because sometimes women who are overachievers who wanna achieve a lot of things we have a tendency to become too serious that we forget to have fun . Because we wanna do this and that there are so many things you want to do you wanna be the best but then are you having fun? Ask yourself all the time are you having fun because actually soul rich woman also knows how to have fun. 
Here’s how she have fun: 
(19:39-52)at the end of the day or when I’m not working I like to hang out with my family, with my friends I don’t wear makeup I just hang out at home and then I wanna hangout with people who are not in the pageant world. 
(20:05-29)When you go back to like hanging out with people that are not necessarily like in showbiz then you ask the more serious question like “ how are you doing? How’s your family? And then you’ll realize that there’s a bigger world out there or some people who are going to different struggles and it humbles you. And it makes you more grateful for what you have. 
Future plans

Future plans help you decide now. Here’s what Pia has in mind:(20:33- 21:10) 3-5 years from now I would hope to have a really stable business I want to have a few businesses I want to try my skills in business. I would also like to learn something new I don’t mind going back to school for a short while just to learn a few skills again and hopefully by that time I have a business, learn something new and who knows maybe I’ll settle down. 
 She further specified the business that she wanted to start: (21:21-28)Something to do with cosmetics I think I really am passionate about it I know like beauty queen cosmetics (21:30)It’s something that I like and I find it really interesting if it doesn’t feel like work to me I also have a passion for gowns and clothing.
Encouragement to Women

What is your dream? Are you actively pursuing it? Pia encourages women out there who are not living out their dreams, to start acting!(23:22-50)I wanna remind women out there that your willpower is stronger than anyone ever says about you, any negativity any stones were thrown at you, your willpower is stronger you’re gonna be sad if you let yourself be sad. And you’re gonna be angry if you let yourself be angry at the end of the day you’re in control of your emotions and you have the power not them, you.  25:15-47 you just have to trust your instincts and let go of anything that’s holding you back or bringing you down don’t let those dreams just be your dream if you wanna make something out of nothing get a better job, get a better education, have more financial stability anything if you want that, if you’re imagining in your head make it real make it come true. Then you only have one life at the end of the day those decisions have to come from you. 25:54-59  Nothing is ever given to you by free you have to work for it. You have to go grab that dream.   
Key Takeaways:
1. Nothing is ever given to you for free, you have to work for it.2. You have to be prepared all the time because you don't know when your opportunity will come.3. Let go of your fear, to follow your dreams.4. You can be successful and have fun at the same time5. Choose your battles, filter negativity. 
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