FWEP00019 Jacy Wee: Executive Director of Globe Success Money and You Team
How is it possible that this someone who wishes for a job
1) Flexible hours
2) Near Home
3) Travel the world 🌍 to meet different people
4) Have all the FREEDOM to do what she 💖
And ACTUALLY got her dream job via a small tiny newspaper advert 15 years ago?

Jacy Wee such an honour to have an endearing conversation on self love, self sabotages and building win win relationships for women by women.

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Show Notes

How is it possible that this someone who wishes for a job
1) Flexible hours
2) Near Home
3) Travel the world 🌍 to meet different people
4) Have all the FREEDOM to do what she 💖
And ACTUALLY got her dream job via a small tiny newspaper advert 15 years ago?

Jacy Wee such an honor to have an endearing conversation on self-love, self sabotages and building win-win relationships for women by women.

Jacy Wee: Executive Director of Globe Success Money and You Team

Today, we have a very special guest Jacy Wee. She is the Executive Director of Globe Success Learning, Money and You team Malaysia. In this episode, we will be talking about self-love, self sabotages, and building win-win relationships for women by women.
Turning point
Sometimes what we envision will change as we come face to face with reality. Sometimes our passion is not enough to keep going because we are not where we’re supposed to be. This feeling can be a great way to evaluate your life’s course. Here’s what Jacy has to say: 
As we go along with our journey, puzzling pieces to fix what we want to do and where we want to go. Sometimes we can experience hard times fixing what we really like to do especially if we are in a financial crisis. Here’s what Jacy shared about her journey.
(2:12-33)My journey really started to reflect when I was in my last year in university my education background is environmental engineering and I chose that profession because it was between two: environmental science or environmental engineering. Engineering would bring me a lot more money. That was clear, my path was very clear.
(2:58- 3: 31) So I choose to work for 2 years in the engineering line and after 2 years I knew for sure it’s not for me. That was when I was in a very lost phase of my life. I felt very discouraged because the line I wanted to do is something about mother earth to take care of mother earth and that would be my responsibility and my passion. But when I got into that line I found that the industry was out of integrity and I could literally lose my life if I was not compliant.  
(3:54-4:12)So I felt very drained I felt my spirit was empty and I actually wanted to shave my head bald and become a nun. Because I had a senior who became a monk and he looked like a very happy monk I thought if I do that and just go down that route I would be happy. 
Dreams do come true
When our reality and where we want to be are very different, we tend to feel lost, but if we get up and decide to try again, fate can bring us to the place where we are really meant to be. Here’s Jacy’s account when her dream became a reality: 
(4:15-54)But when I had a conversation with him he asked me this question “Jacy, are you doing this because you feel like you have a calling and there’s something you want to do for the rest of your life or you are escaping?” So the answer was very clear. I wanted to escape. He says “Go back. Go and explore, Go and live your life this is not for you” so there I was again floating not knowing what to do. And I did something a lot of my peers and family taught was crazy I took up a night course in private secretary. So, from an engineer to a private secretary people thought I was nuts. 
(5:13-33)And I dreamt about my dream job and that would be there are no office politics, I could have opportunities to learning go and travel the world it was close to my home, I have flexible hours and I would enjoy what I’m doing. Then I just left it and said “oh that’s a nice dream to have if I ever find it” 
(5:34-39)A few months later I actually found it and that was really by chance. I was applying again for jobs in the engineering industry because that was what I deal. But then I saw this one ad that said exactly what I wanted. No office politics, opportunities to train and to learn and grow but I didn’t know where it was. There’s only an email for me to send my resume too. When I got the reply, I found out it was just 10 minutes from my home. I was so happy but when I went there for the interview, all I saw was Globe Engineering and I thought why am I going back to engineering? Never mind I’m here I just take the chance and I found out that I was actually going into the education line. 
(6:26-41)So my life started to change because I started to really ask for what I want. And I feel that is very important because most of my life I felt I was living someone else's dream of success but not my own. And that was why I felt very very lost. 
(6:43-47)I could take the safe route or I could take the route that was very unknown to me.  
The path to your dream is not always smooth

(7:07-29)Well because Globe Engineering is our main business and Globe Success Learning is our passion business than in education. So they were looking to hire people to run that business and we were very new as a business we did not know it all several of us because our core and our specialty are in engineering. And I went into that business knowing absolutely nothing. 
Like any other woman, the unknown made Jacy insecure and made her think about her decision.
(7:36-8:08)I definitely felt insecure in fact I had another job offer that was offering me twice what I was gonna get from this job. But my whole body was so illogical the logical thing to do was to choose a job with better pay and a bright future. The illogical thing was to go into something I had no experience,  no training and giving me half the pay. But everything in my body just says you should give this a try. And I did. 
Stepping out the box
Knowing nothing is not an excuse to quit on your dream. You just have to be determined, because determination will help you move forward. This is how Jacy faced being a part of Globe Success:
(8:32-33)It has been 15 years since I’ve been part of this team. 

Jacy shared also the lives that they had impacted through their business.

(9:42-54)It was a huge struggle for me to really get out of my comfort zone but I’m someone when I have a goal and wanted to achieve no matter what I’m gonna achieve it. Even though I’m gonna struggle I’m gonna kick and scream all the way. 
(10;20-29)Actually when I joined global success and I was exposed to the money and Community that was the biggest support for me. I learned that I wasn’t alone. 
(10:50-11:05)But I was very blessed because when I came to this community I had a lot of support and one of the earliest support was from Dame Wendy Tan who is CEO of the Globe Engineering Company and also Terence Tan and we’ve been business partners since then. 
(11:07-28)The one thing that he said to me before I attended Money and You was “Jacy, you deserve so much more in life but you’re not getting it why?” That really hit me. I thought that I had reached a certain level of success but when he said that it landed. 
Building your life

Jacy felt that there was something wrong with her. That’s the time she began to fix herself. Here’s what Jacy shared on how she built herself up.
(11:58-12:04)When I started loving myself I was single for the first 28 years in my life and I thought something was wrong with me 
(12:44-13:00)So for at least 3-4 years, that was my total focus on loving myself really seeing my own value and taking it and celebrating. I just couldn’t celebrate even though I did a good job I would still beat myself up. 
(13:52-14:04)The thing that keeps me going is to get really excited about my life, my future and in the past, I used to, as I said, buy into other people's definitions of success and happiness.
(14:05-18)And I found out that I wasn’t doing my own thinking I wasn’t doing my own dreaming and that’s something that I see in a lot of women you know we tended to take on the role of a mother, of a provider, of a giver who gives so much of yourself to everyone by yourself. 
Overcoming self-sabotage
There’s a lot of things that can frustrate a woman. Here is a helpful tip that Jacy shared: 

(18:49-19:00) So for a lot of women, that’s what I feel as well. You may feel frustrated inside and you don’t know what’s happening you create patterns or cycles of sabotaging yourself and you’re wondering what’s wrong. 
(19:18-40) To have more awareness of our little voice. We really need to get a support structure to be with friends or choose an accountability buddy whom you can just: Number one, vent- you need to tell them what support you need. Women sometimes just need to vent out. 
(19:45-20:00) Some women just tend to vent and not do anything else and they continue venting and create those patterns again because you have so much energy, emotions invested in it and guess what the universe gives you exactly what you vibrated.

(20:05-09)This venting is a healthier venting, it’s just to get the energy out.

(20:15-25) So, it’s like throwing everything in the garbage can, burning it and just let it go. Now, what is a more empowering decision that I’m gonna make about what happened? 
Avoiding power struggle
Working with others especially if it involves position and power can sometimes lead to a power struggle, this is not healthy. This is what Jacy has to say on how to avoid this: 
(30:36-58) A lot of times when we have power struggles or things where we do not agree with each other because of very unconscious beliefs and behaviors and this may be because of our survival mechanism. Things that we have done in the past, that have supported us to reach a certain result or success and sometimes that doesn’t work in every single thing that we do.

(31:00-20)Number one, get rid of your ego in the relationship – really get rid of ego, be the first to say sorry even though you feel it’s not your fault. Be the first to say sorry that you felt upset when I did this because you cannot absolutely no clue what you did that triggered the other person because of their past. 

(31:41-53)Have a real conversation and having that emotional conversation where you can be vulnerable without judgment without ego and focusing on commitment to resolution. 

Choosing Leaders
Leaders or mentors will impact our life and our career or business. We need to choose who we let in, in our lives. For Jacy, these are the qualities she looks into: 

(36:32-44) I choose them because they lived the principles that they teach which is really very important to me. They are also very humble in the sense that they would admit their own mistakes.

(38:30-48)  Leaders who have consciousness of what supports them as well and what limits them. And that they are willing to share that with their mentees. That’s what I would say would be people that I would follow and call my masters and mentors.
The Soul of Money
This book is instrumental to Jacy.

(39:32-40:05)One of the books that I absolutely love that was introduced to me by my mentor Dame DC Cordova is “The Soul of Money” By Lynne Twist and this book I could not put down the moment I read it. I would highly recommend especially if you are an entrepreneur if you hate sales if you’ve had money blocks The Soul of Money truly gave me a different perspective on the energy and the intention every time I used money or every time I received money. 

(40:07-12)Where would I invest in the intention when I give a donation. What is the energy that goes through it? 
(40:16-37)Some people just give donations to look good for the press just to have a certain status or even to have that power. The different levels of power, just to show your power. And they're also people who really donate even though they do not have much.  
(41:19-28)When we choose to invest in a company what are we choosing to invest in so then your choices in spending your money will be very very different? 

Favorite F word The “F” word means: Being Fabulous, having Freedom and Financial Independence. Jacy chose Freedom as her favorite F word.

(41:45-26)That would be freedom. - Freedom gives me the opportunity to experience or express my fabulousness, and to also bring that out from others because when I share my journey and what I go through and the freedom that I got from using the tools that I have given other people access to that freedom. Because most of the time we operate from a cage or from limitations and that freedom is what gives you access to being fabulous, and to have financial independence. So one of my favorite quotes is actually my own quote “Be curious, instead of being furious. Being courageous and being contagious”. 
 What is a soul rich woman? Jacy shared her thoughts about what a soul rich woman is.

(42:47-43:18)To me, a soul rich woman is someone who really believes in herself. Who loves herself. And I feel you cannot give much to anyone else until you give to yourself first. You are not a savior. If there’s one person you want to save, save yourself first and then you can go and contribute to a lot more people. 
(43:10-18)Someone who is authentic, allows herself to be vulnerable, supports everyone not only her sisters but every single person. And you have something to go towards, a purpose in your life. 

Key Takeaways:
1. Have a clear dream and stay focused.2. Change your “You can’t” mindset into “You can”3. Happiness is free. So choose to be happy.4. When everything falls apart, choose to love yourself.5. Start to communicate and commit to the resolution.

Key Resources:Connect with Jacy’s Linkedin:https://www.linkedin.com/in/jacy-wee-acs-alb-9446991/“The Soul of Money” By Lynne Twist -https://soulofmoney.org/products/Check Jacy’s Facebook Account:https://www.facebook.com/jacy.weeFollow Jacy in Twitter:@Jacy_WeeInstagram: @jacywee -https://www.instagram.com/jacywee/?hl=bgCheckout Jacy’s Business site:https://iaminspiredblog.wordpress.com/