108: 21 Lessons On Launching An International Platform And Make It Profitable Part 1 I celebrate my birthday on 3rd June 2021. Because of this, I'm doing a Money Mindset Series: Birthday Edition. A gift for you as your money mindset mentor to create an outrageously successful life and business. In this Money Mindset Series, I hope that it will help you create wealth and gain practical wisdom on releasing your money blocks. For Women Who Love The F-Word: Being Fabulous, Having Freedom, Financial Independence and A Happy Family..... YOU HAVE A DIAMOND WITHIN YOU AND YOU DESERVE TO SHINE! Secrets of Manifesting Money Quickly Online Course ---> https://shor.by/moneymindset

Show Notes

 108: 21 Lessons On Launching An International Platform And Make It Profitable Part 1

Today I want to talk about the 21 Lessons from launching Soul Rich Woman, doing our membership programs, and I would love to share them with you.

The Biggest Lessons

 (1:31-1:49) Here are some of the biggest lessons from our biggest launch ever. Number 1, Life happens so get prepared- Life always happens. During the month we launch Soul Rich Woman we have lots of stuff going.

(2:00-2:03) It’s really helpful to do at least some stuff in advance

(2:05-2:16) Because let’s face it, life doesn’t stop just because you are launching your business or launching a podcast. Don’t leave everything to the last minute.

(2:16-2:21) Number 2, Get support. Now, you don’t really have to do it all by yourself.

(2:25-2:43) I mean whether it’s your podcast or your book or your business, whether it’s a product-based business or a service-based business, I want to tell you this: Outsource as much as possible because it will multiply your output.

(2:51-3:08) You can get people from Fiverr or Elance if you don’t have a big budget because there are so many… so much moving pieces to launch a business or podcasts or everything or otherwise go check out https://www.instanttribeleader.com/ 

(3:35-3:36) Number three,

(3:37-3:40) Sales pages take forever!

(3:42-3:51) When you build a sales page to launch either your business, your podcasts, your products, or your services, sometimes it will take 10x or a hundred times longer than you will think. 

(4:02-4:07) Even with an existing sales page, making tweaks take so much longer than you think. 

(4:15-4:33) Good sales page can take hours and hours of your time. So do it early and take some time to sometimes take a breathe off and away from your sales page so that you can come back with a different perspective and continue working on them. So never ever do it last minute.

(4:33-4:38) Number 4. Email cannot be your only marketing channel 

(4:39-4:57) Don’t assume that everyone reads your emails. And honestly, deliverability over the years since I started going online since 2013 has gone down because of stronger spam filters, promotional folders, and email fatigue.

(4:58-5:11) You have to promote on all your marketing channels. From your podcast to your Facebook, to your LinkedIn, to your Instagram, to your Tiktok, to your emails, to Facebook ads, wherever.

(5:31-5:41) It is important that email can’t be your only marketing channel. And also people are often decluttering their inbox and even their FB feeds with apps.

(6:39-6:46) Number 5. Spell stuff out for your customers. You see people don’t always read too closely. 

(7:03-7:18) We have so much problems with people who just don’t read at all even though they’re provided step-by-step instructions like arrows pointing here, arrows pointing there, to tell them the really obvious stuff. 

(7:38-7:43) Sometimes, no matter how many times you say it, you’ll still get emails or WhatsApp.

(7:54-8:09) When actually, everything is done automated. All you need to do is just fill up the form for the Make It Happen micro podcast show and record on the phone itself. Just submit a voice note or voice recording of 3 to 5 minutes recording using your phone.

(8:11-8:12) You don’t need a fancy microphone.

(8:15-8:18) People are just busy. They don’t read at all.

(8:19-8:23) Number six. Pretty doesn’t necessarily sell.

(8:40-8:58) To be frank, don’t try and get too cute with design in your materials logo, no problem. But honestly, sales page can be really simple. Don’t let your Buy Now button or Sign up now button get lost in the crowd of beautiful images.

(8:59-9:00) Number seven. Track your conversions.

(9:05-9:15) Now if you don’t understand that 1 to 2% of people will buy over time the statistics will play out. Unless you are doing more high-touch selling, then YES you can convert higher.

(9:16-9:20) Number 8. Book in self-care. Take care of yourself. Have self-love.

(10:04-10:14) So really, it’s important to put them together and put yourself together so that you can care for yourself while building and launching your business. 

(10:31-10:36) Number 9. Track and celebrate every success.

(10:56-11:04) Number 10. Deadlines, bonuses, and incentives work. You really need to build up your deadlines, your bonuses, and incentives.

(11:10-11:16) Humans need scarcity and deadlines to motivate them. So get it done.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Life happens so get prepared.
  2. Get support.
  3. Track your conversions.
  4. Have self-love.
  5.  Track and celebrate every success.

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