106: You're Totally Worth It And Confidently Beautiful - Here's Why I celebrate my birthday on 3rd June 2021. Because of this, I'm doing a Money Mindset Series: Birthday Edition. A gift for you as your money mindset mentor to create an outrageously successful life and business. In this Money Mindset Series, I hope that it will help you create wealth and gain practical wisdom on releasing your money blocks. For Women Who Love The F-Word: Being Fabulous, Having Freedom, Financial Independence and A Happy Family..... YOU HAVE A DIAMOND WITHIN YOU AND YOU DESERVE TO SHINE! Secrets of Manifesting Money Quickly Online Course ---> https://shor.by/moneymindset

Show Notes

106: You're Totally Worth It And Confidently Beautiful - Here's Why

Today I’m doing to share with you that You are totally worth it and confidently beautiful like Miss Universe and Mister Manhunt, or a clean shirt, or a new notebook, or fabulous hair, whatever that you are totally worthy of or confidently beautiful of. Fabulous, Freedom, Financial Independence- whatever that may be to you. It’s entirely up to you.

You Matter

(1:49-2:13) Recently, I read something that Oprah said that struck me. Apparently, rich people will still smell their workout shirts to see if they can wear them again. She realized that she was doing it one day and said to herself, “I deserve to wear a fresh, clean shirt, and I’m worth it.

(2:48-3:12) Now I told this story at my recent workshop, Soul Rich Woman Blueprint because I utterly believe that great success comes down to self-worth. You show other people how to treat you by the way you treat yourself. But also you will need to send a very strong message to the Universe that you deserve more and are ready for more.

(3:31-3:39) I just wanna say this, you are worth it, and you deserve whatever you want to create in this world. You matter. 

(3:43-3:51) I totally believe in not being wasteful, but many women take the whole self-sacrificing way too far.

(4:41-4:46) I told myself that I really deserve to have an easy life.

(5:01-5:10) So I just wanna tell you that there are some clues that you might be treating yourself like a poor thing or poor person. It’s like a poor mindset.

(5:41-5:55) Like for example, you are only shopping in thrift stores or what we call like the second-hand stores when other people in your family get newer and nicer clothes or because you feel bad about spending money.

(6:03-6:15) Or sometimes you have this thing like you try to do everything yourself, to do something yourself. For example, dyeing your own hair, or tinting your own eyelashes or eyebrows with disastrous results.

(6:54-6:59) But you know it just makes you feel different.

(7:01-7:11) Perhaps you are already widely successful in one area of your life so you would feel guilty if you were great at any… everything.

(7:34-7:59) Well, a lot of women think that when they become the little Miss perfect, they are being arrogant. They think they’re bossy. They think that they become unrelatable so they don’t go all out. They just choose to function in one F-word for example- Fabulous- and they are poor in Financial Independence. Their marriage is not very amazing as well. 

(8:00-8:14) But I wanna tell you here, you can have it all. No guilt, no sacrifice required. Just decide that you are worth living an amazing life to be confidently beautiful because you are worth it.

(8:15-8:30) However, this starts with you. The Universe isn’t going to treat you like a VIP until you do. So celebrate and anchor positive experiences.

(8:37-8:49) So really, you see measurable results in the real world when you show self-nourishing action. This is a sign to the Universe that you are ready. 

(8:58-9:12) Remember it’s how it makes you feel. FEEL- the feeling is very important. Remember, good feelings attract good feelings and that’s how the law of attraction works. 

(9:14-9:39) And like I said if you do this you might just attract the new opportunity that will push you to the new path. Well, it’s not going to happen outside yourself. In fact, the first step is deciding whether you’re worth it, whether you decide to own your F-word, whether you are confidently beautiful and then you’ll be proved right every time. 

Key Takeaways:

  1. You are worth it. 
  2. You matter.
  3. It starts with you.
  4. Feelings are very important
  5. Success comes down to self-worth.

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